Wyandanch Kids Foundation, Inc. is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes only in accordance with Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Wyandanch Kids Foundation, Inc. is a Proud Member of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce since 2019.

Meet the Organization


Gerald Seabury - Chairman

Gerald Seabury is the Chairman and Founder of Wyandanch Kids Foundation, Inc. He is a former 40 year Wyandanch resident and graduate of the WMHS Class of '89. Gerald is the Father of (5), and a Grandfather of (2) current Wyandanch residents. He is a Business Owner and Operator that specializes as a Project Manager/Sr. Business Analyst in the Financial Industry. Gerald believes in 'Giving Back' to help procure the needs of others without requiring favor or praise in return for doing Good Deeds! 


Deanna Hatwood - Vice President

Deanna Hatwood is a current Wyandanch resident and High School Alum of the Class of ’89. She has Deep Roots in the wyandanch community with her children and family members, all being WMHS Alums. Deanna is a retired member of the renowned Gospel Group “The Robinson Wonders of Wyandanch”. She majored in Business Administration at Cheyney University of PA. Deanna Hatwood's day to day is currently as a staff Accountant, working at a reputable Law Firm. She lives by the motto “Don’t Look Down on a Man, Woman or Child unless you're picking them Up!" 


Gillian Wedderburn - Treasurer

Gillian Wedderburn is a proud product of the Wyandanch School system from Head-start to the WMHS graduating class of '89. Gillian is still a current resident in the Wyandanch Community. She obtained her Associates Degrees in both Business and Medical Administration. Gillian's life long task is to help out the wyandanch community by utilizing her strengths to nurture the children and guide them in overcoming any obstacles that's presented within our culture. 


Sheldean Floyd - Assistant Treasurer

 Sheldean Floyd is a proud Wyandanch native and graduate from the WMHS Class of ‘89. She has been an accountant for over 20 years working for multiple successful private sector companies being a pivotal component to their continued success. Her expertise in the field of accounting will help the organization reach its potential as well as initiate new beginnings as WKFI aims towards empowering the youth to a better tomorrow. Sheldean believes in helping the youth obtain a sense of normalcy in a time where for some, the future looks to be a bit uncertain. 


Maurice Bomar - Secretary

Maurice Bomar is a graduate of WMHS Class of '88. He has the mindset of one who assists those youth in the community that often times feel as if they're the forgotten ones and not cared about. After a hit and run accident left him comatose for 2 months, Maurice was not only able to recover, but he then went on to earn his Bachelors degree in Business Administration and his Masters in Teaching. Maurice Bomar is a prime example of having the right mindset and and a strong support system.


Duane Christian - Educational Director

Duane Christian is former Wyandanch resident and student. Duane attended Cheyney University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biology. He is an active brother of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Early in his career while working with disadvantaged children, he realized that his purpose was to make a difference in the lives of the troubled youth. Currently Duane is an educator in the Mt. Vernon School District mentoring the youth through his fraternal organization. He pledges to utilize community resources to help inspire students to attend college.

Advisory Board


Lisa Hayes - Professional Fundraising / Grant Writing Consultant

Lisa Hayes is a management consultant with a background in accounting, strategic planning, and project management working with Fortune 100 companies. She also has a Master’s degree in the Sociology of education, a certificate in Fundraising/Grant writing and over 15 years’ experience in nonprofit financials, board training and facilitation, organizational management, and program development.