The mission of the Wyandanch Kids Foundation, Inc. is to develop community together by:
*Sponsoring youth activities at community events
*Supporting educational pursuits

*Providing health, wellness & nutrition education 

*Creating positive childhood experiences


 Wyandanch Kids Foundation, Inc.'s vision is to provide influences that nurture our youth to be proud of where they are from. "Our greatest accomplishment may not be something we do,  Our greatest accomplishment may be someone we help raise." - Unknown 

Let us all enjoy achieving this greatness together.

It's For The Kids

WKFI believes in the growth of our children in the Wyandanch community. There are children in the community whose life dreams don't revolve around sports, yet they have aspirations of becoming a Lawyer, Doctor, Nurse, Engineer, or even a CEO of their own company. We must equally support those dreams too! WKFI will assist these children of wyandanch by providing programs that'll give them the tools needed in order to gain a seat at the Table of Achievement.